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    ชื่อภาพยนตร์ : Deadly Vengeance (Sleeping with My Student) การแก้แค้นมรณะ
    แนว/ประเภท : Thriller
    ผู้กำกับภาพยนตร์ : Tom Shell
    บทภาพยนตร์ : Michael Perronne
    นักแสดง : Gina Holden,  Jessica Belkin,  Mitchell Hoog
    วันที่ออกฉาย : 18 October 2019



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IMDB : tt10260534

คะแนน : 4.7

รับชม : 12472 ครั้ง

เล่น : 5543 ครั้ง



    Sleeping with My Student (Deception, Robbins Entertainment, MarVista Entertainment, Lifetime, 2019)

    by Mark Gabrish Conlan • Copyright © 2020 by Mark Gabrish Conlan • All rights reserved

    Last Sunday Lifetime offered a movie they billed as a “premiere” even though imdb.com gave its release date as October 18, 2019 and there’s even a review on their site. It was called Sleeping with My Student and was actually a pretty close remake of a 2018 Lifetime movie called The Wrong Teacher, which despite different directors and writers (Sleeping with My Student was directed by Tom Shell and written by Michael Perronne, while The Wrong Teacher was directed by old Lifetime hand Dennis DeCoteau and written by Robert Dean Klein) was awfully close to this one. Sleeping with My Student opens with a prologue set in 2002, in which a man, a woman and a child are riding in a car. The man is driving and he’s in an argument with the woman, though we don’t hear enough of the dialogue to figure out what they’re arguing about. The woman reaches for the wheel and predictably it causes the car to crash, and we think the two adults died and the kid lived. Flash-forward 17 years later, and the kid has grown up to be Ian Johnson (Mitchell Hoog), who looks something like a blond version of the young Leonardo di Caprio. 


    Lifetime's 'Sleeping With My Student' is a raunchy fantasy gone wrong but  gets bogged down in cliché | MEAWW

    Meanwhile, a high-school teacher named Kathy Sullivan (Gina Holden, top-billed and a frequent star in Lifetime movies) has risen and just been offered a job as school principal. But her home life is not so happy: she’s just separated from her husband Ben (David Lipper, who looks even homelier than the guys Lifetime usually cast as innocent husbands; he reminded me of Dick Van Patten in Eight Is Enough and all the jokes I made in the late 1970’s about how he looked like he’d been baked out of Wonder Bread dough) and this is having the predictable effects on their daughter Bree (Jessica Belkin), a boyishly slim teenager with long, straight blond hair. Just before the school year starts and Kathy is about to take her new position as principal, her girlfriends Megan (Novi Brown) and Gina (Olivia Bak) persuade her to join them on an all-woman vacation to Miami Beach, Florida, where the air conditioning conks out in their room and a young maintenance man — yep, our villain-to-be Ian Johnson — comes to their room, fixes it and then turns up in the hotel pool where Kathy is swimming. He advances on her and flashes a quite beautiful twink body at her until she succumbs. Then she does a big double-take on the first day of school when he turns up as a member of the student body. She checks her records and finds out he was 18 when they tricked — so at least she isn’t guilty of statutory rape, but she’s well aware that if anyone finds out she slept (and more) with one of her students she risks disgrace, being fired and driven out from the education profession, and possibly losing custody of Bree because her separated husband could sue to have her taken away. We also learn that Ian filmed himself and Kathy having sex — he propped his smartphone on top of a dresser and turned on its video recorder — one of the few aspects in which Sleeping with My Student was better than The Wrong Teacher, in which the seductive student turned up with a video record of him and his teacher having sex but with no clue about how he made it. 

    And as if that weren’t bad enough, once he’s safely enconsed in his new high school (where he’s repeating his senior year because in his previous one he cut up so badly he flunked out) he starts cruising Kathy’s daughter Bree — who of course starts hating her mom for over-reacting and trying to break up the budding romance between her and the one boy in school who actually seems to give a damn about her. Anyone who’s watched more than three Lifetime movies in their life has probably guessed that Ian deliberately targeted Kathy to seduce her and then try to seduce her daughter out of some twisted revenge plot, and it turns out that Ian’s mother did not die in the opening car crash (though his dad did) but survived, only she married someone even creepier than Ian’s father: Boom Lee (Steve Humphreys), a fat slob who lives with her in a tumble-down shack on the outskirts of town, makes his living by dealing illegally obtained prescription drugs (the fact that he’s dealing prescription drugs and not selling heroin or cooking meth or crack marks this as a 2019 drug story) and keeping Ian’s mom hooked on the stuff so she won’t leave him. The big twist [spoiler alert!] is that Ian and Kathy’s daughter Bree are actually half-siblings: almost two decades earlier Kathy was working as a teacher in a school and seduced the custodian, Ian’s dad, into having an affair with her. She got pregnant from this and then started dating Ben, who agreed to raise Bree as if she were his biological child and never to tell her the truth about her parentage — only Ian naturally blames Kathy for the ruination of his mom (he tells Kathy — and us — during the big confrontation scene at the end that what his parents were arguing about when they crashed their car was his dad’s affair with Kathy) and hatched this whole plot to seduce and destroy her to get his revenge. The film ends with Ian getting his and Kathy and her husband Ben reconciling, while she’s able to continue as school principal and live down her scandalous behavior not only with Ian but with Ian’s dad nearly two decades earlier. 

    Sleeping with My Student (originally titled Deadly Vengeance, which would have been too generic and not have the sleazy “oomph” of the title they ultimately went with) is an O.K. Lifetime movie, but The Wrong Teacher did the basic plot — a teacher goes out of town for a summer vacation, has a one-night stand with a much younger man, then does a double-take when he turns up as a student of hers and has to worry both about the ramifications of her conduct and his obsession with her — quite a bit better. It helped that the wrong student (sorry, but I couldn’t resist the pun) in The Wrong Teacher is played by Philip McElroy, a much better actor than Mitchell Hoog and also, to my mind at least, considerably sexier. (When I reviewed The Wrong Teacher for this blog I described him as “a darkly handsome young man whose great looks and skillful acting should make him a future star.”) The Wrong Teacher also had a better, if psychologically kinkier, explanation for what made the villain “run.” I might have liked Sleeping with My Student better if The Wrong Teacher hadn’t existed (or I hadn’t seen it), but after a while the similarities just started to wear me down and I began to wonder — always the problem with remakes or quasi-remakes — why they didn’t just re-show the first film instead of doing it all over again, and doing a lamer version?